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25.01.2024 Veranstaltung

Automotive meets Electronics and Control - Program

The AmEC2024 Conference Program promises!



Thursday, March 14th, 2024   

M. Keller, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen
G. Schildbach, Universität zu Lübeck

R. Schnabel, VDE/VDI-GMM, Frankfurt am Main
M. Wahl, Universität Siegen, Digital University Kerala

Session 1 – Automotive Architectures & Ma-chine Learning
Session Chair: Georg Schildbach 


Invited Talk
AUTOtech.agil – Expansion of the UNICARagil-Architecture for L4-Automated Driving towards Fu-ture Mobility Concepts
Prof. Dr. Lutz Eckstein - RWTH Aachen University


Physics Informed Deep Learning for Motion Prediction in Autonomous Driving
Patrik Tischmann, Prof. Dr. Anne Stockem Novo
University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West


Confidence Tuned Localization through Learning in the Loop
Stefan Schütte1, Markus Kuhn2, Torsten Bertram1
1TU Dortmund, 2ZF Automotive Germany GmbH


Coffee & Discussion

Session 2 -  Advanced Control Strategies & Trajectory Planning
Session Chair: André Schäfer


Application of Basis-Splines for Trajectory Planning in Highway Scenarios
Philipp Dorpmüller1, Thomas Schmitz2, Naveen Bejagam2, Torsten Bertram1
1) TU Dortmund
2) ZF Automotive Germany GmbH


On the Design of Interaction-Aware SCMPC for Complex Lane Change Maneuvers
Robin Kensbock, Georg Schildbach - University of Lübeck


Lunch Break

Session 3 -  Cooperative Driving
Session Chair: Lothar Kiltz


Invited Talk
Opportunities with Vehicle-to-X Communication
Ignacio Llatser Marti, Frank Hoffmann, Robert Bosch GmbH


Invited Talk
Towards the Software-Defined Vehicle

Falco Bapp, Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart

Session 4 -  Poster Session & Coffee Break
Session Chair: Martin Keller


Coaction between Automobiles and Mobile Robots - Interoperability for Affordable Last Mile Delivery Solutions
Mayank Yogesh Khandelwal, Swaraj Tendulkar, G. Alexander Kolbai, Frank Schrödel - Hochschule Schmalkalden
AI-Based Localization and Classification of Visual Anomalies on Semiconductor Devices
Minh Khai Le, Jason Zi Jie Chia, Dennis Peskes - Elmos Semiconductor SE, Dortmund
Machine Learning for Improving the Trustworthiness of Sensors
George Thekkumthala, Peter William, Ghazanfer Hussain, Michael Wahl - University of Siegen
Wireless Communication Vhallenges in Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Environment
Arun Kumar Dannana - Vitesco Technologies, Bangalore
Vision-based Autonomous Trajectory Drifting using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Fabian Domberg, Ben Barkow, Georg Schildbach - University of Lübeck

Session 5 -  Infrastructure and Safety
Session Chair: Benedikt Alt


Challenges of Infrastructure for Autonomous Buses in Cities: A Review
Alessandro Becciu1, Prof. Dr. Edwin Kamau1
1) Nuraxys GmbH
2) University of Applied Sciences Cologne


Automated failure and tolerance analysis as a combined consideration for the proof of safety of electronic systems
Roman Müller-Hainbach, Levent Ergün, Stefan Butzmann - Bergische Universität Wuppertal


Departure to Social Event

Friday, March 15th, 2024

Session 6 - Machine Learning and AI in the automotive context
Session Chair: Alessandro Becciu


Personalization in Automotive Control Systems
Benedikt Alt, Gergo Ferenc Igneczi, Tuelin Baysal, Michael Hilsch - Robert Bosch GmbH, Renningen


CSAM Anomaly Detection with AI
Jason Zi Jie, Roland Krumm - Elmos Semiconductor SE, Dortmund


Investigation of the real-time feasibility of NMPC for air-path control in automotive fuel cell systems 
Thuc Anh Nguyen, Verena Neisen, Dirk Abel, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen


Time-Triggered Organic Computing Architecture for Autonomous Driving Vehicles Using List Scheduling
Mario Qosja, Simon Meckel, Roman Obermaisser, University of Siegen


Coffee & Discussion

Session 7 -  Future of Transportation
Session Chair: Edwin Kamau


Invited Talk
Fuel Cells for Heavy Trucks

Ronald Dold, - Daimler Truck AG, Leinfelden-Echterdingen


Invited Talk
DynaCell – Dynamic Operation and Model-based Control of Fuel Cells in mobile and stationary Applications

Heike Vallery1, Harry Hoster2
1) Institute of Automatic Control, RWTH Aachen University,
2) ZBT – The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center / Universität of Duisburg-Essen


Robust Navigation of Autonomous Transport Units in the Extractive Industry
David Benz, Dirk Abel, Heike Vallery - RWTH Aachen University


Lunch Break


Panel Session
Machine Laerning for Autonomous Driving

Hongjun Pu, XCMG European Research Center GmbH - Benedikt Alt, Robert Bosch GmbH
Christian Nunn, Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH
Ronald Schnabel (Moderator)

SESSION 8– Innovations I Electronics
Session Chair: Rolf Montino


Self-Locked Asynchronous Controller for RISC-V Architecture on FPGA
Florian Deeg, Vittorio Serra and Sebastian Sattler - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Integration of a 77GHz Automotive Radar System Into Plastic Surfaces Using MID-Technology
Thomas Mager1, Pascal Keuper2, Jabil Diri1, Stephan Kruse3, Christoph Scheytt2
1) Fraunhofer Research Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM

2) Heinz Nixdorf Institute, Paderborn
3) Paderborn University


Best Contribution

M. Keller, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Hagen
G. Schildbach, Universität zu Lübeck
M. Keller, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Hagen
R. Schnabel, VDE/VDI/GMM, Frankfurt am Main